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Many sports rely far more on a large constellation of casual

Brian Slape survived a countback to win C grade with 93. Daily winners: Doug Erskine in A grade, net 71, from “Silent Bill” Bascomb with 72 on a count back. Erskine also won the Intersport Clubhouse Leader Award with best score in the clubhouse at presentation time.

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We’d like to thank our friends at Crest Cleaners for providing the sewing for these patches. Crest Cleaners are the folks that can repair torn pants when a runner slides into 2nd and blows out the back end. We will not forget. So life ahhh. What a breeze, i feel like I blew in from Hawaii, went into shock from the weather, went to Toronto to the conference with my mom and I floated back to windsor. Well so much news everywhere in my life.

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