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There are multiple intertwined reasons: declining numbers of

He provides the defensive ability and leadership that the Suns will need to improve on last season’s No. 25 defensive rating. He also was brought to be a bridge to when Len steps to the forefront but the Ukranian only has displayed that readiness in flashes..

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But dont preach here who is proper fans are not to me.Watching the team you love play live and win is what it is all about sir. I think some fans have forgotten what football is all about now they seem to have got that caught up in the hatred for all the off field stuff that they have forgot that it is all about what happens ON the field that counts.Football is about the 11 players representing your team on the pitch and doing their best to win for the fans and the club.Kean OUT yes pls but reality and football IN.French RoverDrunk driving is his personal thing. Every man in he world has a dark side.

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